Sustainability Travel

Sustainable travel – part 1

April 19, 2019

The topic of sustainability is becoming more and more popular. It seems like almost everyone in the developed world wants to be more green, environmentally friendly, and, well, more sustainable. Traveling is, in general, not considered to be a very sustainable activity. First of all, large-distance travel usually implies going by plane, which is obviously not all that environmentally friendly. However, even the most “sustainable” of us want to go on vacation, and you don’t always want to go to the nearby countries. After all, exploring the world is another one of very popular desires nowadays. This post will give you several tips on how to make your travels more environmentally friendly.

Travel with travel organizations that have Fair Travel quality mark

Since recently, there are several travel organizations in the that offer Fair Trade trips. There aren’t too many of them, but as sustainable travel becomes more popular, new ones keep appearing. These travel organizations have a special quality mark, the Fair Trade Holidays quality mark. An organization can only get this quality mark if they meet certain requirements. One of the requirements for a Fair Trade travel agency, is providing accommodations that are FTT (Fair Trade Tourism) certified. Those accommodations, in turns, only receive such a certificate if they meet no less than 200 criteria. These criteria include fair wages, good working conditions, fair purchasing policy and management. Moreover, respect for human rights, culture and nature are taken into account as well.

Travel like a local

Or even better – travel with the locals! There are more and more initiatives that can put you in touch with the locals while traveling. Traveling with the locals is beneficial for their country and their community. The local community is generally involved in these initiatives. Therefore, if you go on an excursion, the money from your trip will mostly remain within the community instead of making its way to a large company. Another great idea is to stay at the local home-stays. First of all, you see immediately where your money goes and how it helps the members of the local community. Secondly, such home-stays provide unique opportunities to experience a new culture, because you are right in the middle of it! Beneficial for you, and for the country you are traveling to!

Try to avoid flying


Yes, sometimes flying seems inevitable. Many people choose flying when they want to go overseas or if they have to travel really far. Even though alternatives exist for such travels as well, not everyone can afford spending a couple of weeks on a boat or on board a train. Several trains, most probably. So in some cases flying is really hard to avoid. Do choose more environmentally-friendly options when possible though. Trains are obviously a great choice, so are buses and sometimes even car-sharing. If you are not going far – consider biking. That in itself can be an adventure making your trip a more unforgettable one. Biking or even hiking are also much better for your own health, as you are exercising at the same time! Recently, a new term has come into use and seems to become more and more popular – bikepacking! All in all, even if you have to reach your holiday destination by plane, you can still make it more sustainable by opting for environmentally-friendly options on the spot!