As the SOLUTIONS project enters its final months, it is laying the groundwork for a transition into a network – to keep alive the valuable collaborations on sustainable urban mobility it has created and help deliver on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Agreement and the New Urban Agenda

The new SOLUTIONS Network will broaden the original project’s partnerships by inviting additional organisations that are working on implementing sustainable urban mobility actions across the world.

It will look to link their activities to boost their impact, and also create new partnerships to develop targeted concepts and pilot projects for sustainable urban mobility solutions. 

To join or to find out more about this exciting new initiative, please contact the SOLUTIONS project coordinator, Oliver Lah: oliver.lah(at)


About the SOLUTIONS project

SOLUTIONS aims to support the exchange on innovative and green urban mobility solutions between cities from Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Mediterranean. The project brings together a wealth of experience and technical knowledge from international organisations, consultants, cities, and experts involved in transport issues and solutions.

The project’s overall objective is to make a substantial contribution to the uptake of innovative and green urban mobility solutions across the world by facilitating dialogue and exchange, promoting successful policy, providing guidance and tailored advice to city officials, and fostering future cooperation on research, development and innovation. The activities are organised around six themes: 

  • public transport
  • transport infrastructure
  • city logistics
  • integrated planning / sustainable urban mobility plans
  • network and mobility management
  • clean vehicles

Find out more on project objectives, actions, and deliverables by clicking here.